• The WMC is a configurable solution according to your catenary maintenance needs: work in convoy (wagons towed up to 100 kph) or in autonomy (self-propelled wagons running up to 15 kph)
  • Easy access to all points of the catenary (feeder, mast, poles, …) with the presence of several functions: nacelles, platforms, cranes
  • These wagons are secured according to the latest standards (earthing pantograph, isolated elevators, etc.) to work under the catenary in all conditions
Chassis assembling on wagon Welded or bolted (twist-lock)
Minimum curve radius 80 m (262 in.)
Maximum cant 180 mm (1435 mm track gauge) (7 in.)
Platform Maximum load: up to 1,500 kg (3,307 lbs)
Maximum height: up to 6.5 m (236 in.)
Cradle Maximum load: up to 500 kg (1,102 lbs)
Maximum height: up to 15.7 m (591 in.)
Maximum lateral outreach: up to 7.9 m (276 in.)
Crane Maximum lifting capacity: 3,300 kg (7,275 lbs)
Maximum range: 10.3 m (406 in.)

OHL Laying & Renewal Equipment Brochure


OHL Laying & Maintenance Brochure


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