The purpose of the track gauge maintenance rod is either to move the rails apart or bring them closer together in
order to re-establish or consolidate the geometry of the track.

The maintenance rod has hooks.
This model is recommended for use in track equipment anywhere on the track, where it is essential that the body of
the rod is placed below the level of the rail bases.
The maintenance rod is used in the following cases:
– track in bad condition;
– rail fixings deficient;
– renewal works;
– track realignment;
– temporary adjustment of the track.
The maintenance rod may be used in three ways:
– Under tension if the rails are too far apart.
– Under compression if the rails are too close together.
– Twin-mounted in opposition (one under tension, the other under compression to provide a positive hold on the
rails in both directions)

General specifications
Track 1,435 to 1,676 mm
Travel 420 mm
Opening between internal hooks (A) 1,253 / 1,673 mm
Opening between external hooks (B) 1,573 / 1,993 mm
Electrical insulation > 1000 MΩ at 1000 V
Weight 19 kg

Separation force 2,200 daN
Tightening force 5,000 daN

Manual -


Operation instructions Ref : H123748

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