• Efficient and versatile solution for the OHL maintenance ensuring operators safety thanks to our earthing device. Our pantograph can also measure OHL parameters
  • Our lifting cradle permits your staff to perform all kinds of catenary operations (such as cable pulling) and maintenance but also tunnel inspection
  • Our electrical engine enhances the possibility to work in an urban or tunnel environment without noise nuisance while respecting our environment
  • Thanks to railways couplers, Geismar road-rail truck allows you to tow out of service train to free the track in order to resume normal traffic as soon as possible
Thermal Engine / power Diesel - 6 cylinders
Electrical Engine / Power 80 VdC - 30 kW
Number of batteries 2
Seat Number 3
Maximum gross weight allowed on platform 500 kg / 1,102 lbs
Maximum towing capacity 40 t (thermal energy) / 18 t (electrical energy)
Minimum curvature radius 20 m / 66 ft.
Maximum cant 160 mm (for 1,435 mm gauge)
6 in. (for 56 in. gauge)
Maximum gradient 8 %
Gauge From 1,000 to 1,676 mm / 39 to 66 in.
Maximum speed on road 90 km/h
56 mph
Maximum speed on rail 40 km/h
25 mph

OHL Laying & Renewal Equipment Brochure


OHL Laying & Maintenance Brochure


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