• The OPTIMA 100 allows you easy access to all the catenary (messenger & contact cables) including the feeder cables making this unit a valuable and versatile asset in all catenary maintenance operations
  • The OPTIMA 100 uses a combined measuring and earthing pantograph designed to ensure your safety while offering you accurate measurement of the catenary position
  • The vehicle offers you quick access on all track types without damaging the ballast using a remote control device to facilitate the on-off tracking operation
Versions PFN : Parallel platform to the track + 1 cradle
2N : 2 cradles
IPC : Perpendicular platform to the track axis + 1 cradle
Engine(s) 3 cylinders, 30 kW, diesel
Maximum heigth of the cradle 8 m (from top of rail to the cradle basis)
Maximum outreach of the cradle up to 5 m (between track axis and the cradle working area)
Remote control Yes, one remote radiocontrol and one remote wire control for rescue
Track gauge From 1,000 to 1,678 mm
Maximum cant 180 mm
Minimum curve radius 25 m
Maximum ramp 6%
Mass ≈ 5 tons

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OHL Laying & Maintenance Brochure


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