• The VMT/VMB – EYE DRAGON is an investment in the future of your track allowing you to measure and record all track and catenary parameters, features and structures with minimal track interruption using our high speed recording systems
  • The units use enhanced versatility by integrating custom designed measuring systems within the vehicle to match your infrastructure
  • The vehicle records and analyses your data in real time while measuring, allowing quick interpretation of results
Measuring speed Up to 60 kph (37 mph) for ultra-sound inspection
Up to 120 kph (75 mph) for all other measuring systems
Measuring types* Track geometry, rail geometry, rail wear, ballast profile, clearance gauge, ultra sound inspection, catenary wear and position, inspection and video recording ….
*All measuring systems can be fitted on all together on one vehicle.
US testing for rail head from 50 to 80 mm 2 mm (0.1 in.) sample rate at 10 kph (6 mph)
Number of transducers per rail Wheel probes: 11
Number of ultrasonic channels per rail Wheel probes: 14
Data analysis Cabin fully equipped with computers
Maximum gradient 70 ‰
Speed Up to 120 kph (up to 75 mph)
Suspensions Coil spring or rubber/steel
Transmission Hydrostatic, electric or dual-mode
Track gauge 1,435 mm (from 1,000 to 1,676 mm )
56 in. (from 39 to 66 in.)
Qualification and Certification UIC, EN, AAR and OSHA standards
References Few examples with track and catenary measuring equipment delivered within the last 7 years:
• Infrabel with Lateral Signaling Control Track Motor Car VMB 2214 ETCS for Track Elements Inspection and Measurement
• Metro of Kuala-Lumpur with model VMB 1608 P for Track Geometry Measurement
• Metro Lima with model VMT 765 MT/US/C for Track Geometry Measurement and OHL Measurement
• Regional Railways of Queensland with model VMB2214 TM for Track Geometry Measurement and OHL Measurement
• Infrabel with Catenary Inspection Train VMB2214-IC for OHL Measurement
• Metro of Ho-Chi-Minh with model VMT 765/MT/US/C for Track Geometry Measurement and OHL Measurement
Mass From 20 to 80 tons

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