• The W-E/D offers you an automated catenary unrolling & rolling system using an electronic device to control the wire tension
  • It offers you high output with numerous cable drums (up to 8 units) and uses a remote control device to ensure a quick set up of the system
  • The W-E/D can be designed for you in various configurations suitable for any railway environment (urban, high speed…)
  • It uses guiding masts and a cable distribution system to assure you an optimized production in safe working environment
Engine(s) Diesel with hydraulic functions
Number of drums 2 to 8
Mechanical tension Up to 5 t / 4,600 daN (cable during unrolling)
Mechanical tension accuracy < 3%
Wagons length 12 to 26 m / 39 to 85 ft.
Unrolling speed 5 km/h
3 mph
Rolling speed 5 km/h
3 mph

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