• The lightweight rail drilling machine type PRUL is designed for drilling all types of Vignoles rail, even high alloy rails, using drill bits with
    interchangeable carbide tips.
  • Its exceptional performance, strength and lightness make the machine extremely comfortable to use.
  • Its whole design is based on the most modern technologies available in the machine tools industry.
  • Drill bits with interchangeable carbide tips are used. They reduce considerably the drilling time and do not require sharpening, consequently maintenance
    costs are reduced.
  • This light and compact rail drilling machine is equipped with a universal clamp having a quick tightening by means of a lever, ensuring a setup and a removal
    in a few seconds, a rigid mounting to the rail and an accurate drilling.
    This clamp allows the drilling in frogs between two rail heads and as close as 60mm to rail ends.
  • Carbide technology
  • Light, yet sturdy and economical
  • Fast and accurate: drills ∅ 36 mm in UIC 60 rail in 40 seconds
  • Manual advance, pressurized, coaxial tool lubrication
  • Interchangeable rail forms and quick-acting clamp ensure accurate and firm fixing
  • Simple and economical: the easily changeable carbide tips can be used on all 4 faces which enables the drilling of up to 100 holes



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