GEISMAR PR2 Ultra- Light Compact Rail Drilling Machine

  • The PR2 is ultra-light weight due to its compact design and the use of hollow drill bits
  • It is user-friendly and easy to position to ensure you swift & controlled drilling
  • The cost/lifespan ratio has been optimized thanks to the PR2’s low maintenance requirements and sturdiness, minimizing maintenance costs and saving you money over its lifetime


  • Designed for fast and accurate drilling all types of flat bottom or grooved rails, whatever their hardness
  • Hollow drill bits:
    • Drilling time decrease
    • Excellent surface finish
    • Decreasing drill chips
  • Up to 85 mm drilling stroke (the highest in the market)
  • Drilling diameter: up to 40 mm
  • Manual advance system through capstan arm, pressurized lubricating and cooling system through the spindle
  • The universal vice (multi holes position for all kind of flat bottom or grooved rails) with fast lever catch and the interchangeable rail forms ensure accurate fixing and sturdy clamping
  • Power source: Petrol 4-stroke Honda engine
  • Weight approx 19Kg





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