GEISMAR PR1 Rail Drill

The ultra-light PR1 rail drill is designed for drilling all types of Vignoles rail, even high alloy rails, using hollow drill bits.
Its exceptional performance, strength and lightness make the machine extremely comfortable to use.
The design was developed using the latest techniques in the machine tool field.
It uses hollow drill bits which reduce the cutting area considerably and thus reduce the force and time required compared with conventional bits.
This reduction in cutting force means that the type of motor used in the PR1 is smaller than that for a drill using solid bits, which also
considerably reduces the weight of the machine.
This light and compact rail drilling machine has a quick clamping vice combined to a set of single clamp guides (or double as an option) ensuring
a setup and a removal in a few seconds, a rigid mounting to the rail and an accurate drilling.
The vice makes it possible to drill as close as 60 mm from the end of the rail.



  • Designed for drilling all types of flat bottom rails, even of manganese alloy,
    Lightweight and compact machine (18 kg),
  • Maximum drilling diameter 36 mm (according to engine)
  • lubricating and cooling system under pressure inside the spindle
  • Precision screwed clamp with fast lever catch,
  • Four or two stroke petrol engine with recoil starter and protective grid
  • Provided with two simple forms for one rail type,


  • Double or simple form for additional rails sections
  • Indexing attachment
  • Hollow drill bits (diameter: 16 to 36 mm)
  • Spindle ends for short helicoil drill bits (drill bit diameter from 6 to 15 mm for connection holes)





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