GEISMAR MC3 Points and Crossings Grinder

  • This machines is specifically designed  for grinding operations through switch and crossings and either side of the rail head. Additionally,“narrow type” grinding stones allow  you to grind even in the most confined areas around check and grooved rails
  • All mechanical parts are made from special steel to increase the lifespan of the machine thereby minimising your maintenance costs
  • The design of the machines offers you excellent visibility of the grinding area facilitating the operation to ensure a more accurate finish

The sturdy frame is insulated and features a grinding head with 3-way adjustment
Fine grinding of the blades, crossing and check rails in all types of turnouts
The grindstone can be adjusted over a ? 30? angle range (various dimensions and fastening are available)
Vertical adjustment ranges over 185 mm
Lateral adjustment ranges over 385 mm
Ergonomic precise and sturdy controls
Option: power take-off for tool holders





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