GEISMAR MP23 Ergonomic Rail Profile Grinder

  • Angle of the grinding head is set using an adjustment wheel, lowering/raising of the grindstone is electrically controlled
  • Control system prevents overgrinding by limiting the lowering of the grindstone
  • Unique design to improve both comfort and safety of the operators
  • Grinds the whole head of the rail in one single operation. No need to turn the machine or to handle it
  • Grinds the whole profile of the head of flat bottom rails
    in only one operation:

    • Running surface,
    • Both sides,
    • Both radiuses.
  •  Same machine design as the MP12 Profile grinder
    (outstanding rigidity of the aluminum alloy frame);
  • Ergonomic machine designed to ease the comfort
    of the operator and increase safety conditions:

    • The machine is simple to use with hand wheel and
      operating handle ideally located;
    • The operator does not support the weight of the engine
      (it is articulated and remains vertical position during
    • Excellent visibility of the grinding area;
    • Inclination system of the grinding head over 180°
    • avoiding the operator to turn back the grinder;
    • The operator remains safely inside the track.
  • Adjustable system limiting the lowering of the grindstone
    avoiding any excessive grinding;
  • Off-set balancing bar avoiding the MP23 to bear
    on weld burrs on the opposite rail;
  • Four stroke petrol engine, or Diesel, or electric, or hydraulic;
  • Option: set of two rubber stops to reduce operator’s effort;
    Mass :2

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