GEISMAR JA Vertical Rail Joint Bender

Vertical Rail Joint Bender

  •  Mecanowelded frame with reaction blocks and retractable rail rollers
  •     Vertical ram with rail base clamp for straightening both welded and fishplated joints
  •     Double flow manual pump
  •     Maximum force: 400 or 1,000 kN
  •     Gauge-controlled stroke
  •     2 models:
    • JA40: for rails up to 46 kg/m
    • JA100: for rails up to 60 kg/m
  •     Supplied with outrigger
  •     Weight:
    • JA40: carried by 3 persons
    • JA100: carried by 4 persons

JA100 Technical Specifications


JA40 Technical Specifications


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