Switch Rail Height Gauge – LJ-JGJD-1

The Switch rail height gauge is mainly used to measure the descent height value of the switch rail relative to the
running rail and point rail relative to the wing rail.


1.Smart and Portable

The size of the horizontal rod is about 300mm, and the vertical rod is about 250mm. The ruler body is smart and portable.

2.LCD Digital display, easy to read.

3.High Accuracy

The measurement accuracy can reaches 0.01mm.The measurement results can be display instantly

4.Multifuncional,  Wide range of application .

It can measure five items to meet different requirements:

1) The descent height value of the switch rail

2) The descent height value of the point rail

3) The height of check rail

4) The height of switch roller

5.This device is equipped with a simple calibrator ,could be used for quick calibration before each use

6.The measure head could be moved from side to side,suitable for all kinds distance tracks. Measure head could move range is 60mm,could be used for measuring different distance switch rail and point rail.

7.Replaceable measuring probe, suitable for different usage

When measuring the height of the switch rail and point rail relative running rail, using the flat measuring probe;

When measuring the rail surface dent, using the sharp measuring probe.

8.Metric /Imperial unit



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