Railway Square Ruler (T ruler) – LJFG-1

Railway square ruler is a special measuring tool used to check the right Angle
dislocation of railway track.


1. High accuracy:The structure is uniform, the linear expansion coefficient is minimal, the internal stress completely disappears, the ruler body is stable and does not deform. It can keep the perpendicularity between the ruler body and the rail surface ≤0.05mm

2. Long service life: It is made of aluminum alloy, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, not easy to rust, not easy to stick to dust, no need to grease, easy and simple maintenance

3. Stable insulation performance: one end is the insulated electric board and the other end is the plastic insulation sleeve. It can ensure the operating safely.


5.The Measuring head is made of bearing steel: High hardness, not easy to rust and deformation


1)Measure the switch angle steel whether is square when installed

2)Measure the internal lock switch parts whether is square when installed

3)Measure the switch rail whether creeping

4) Measure the sleeper whether square when installed.



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