Automated Translamatic 1252 Robotic Welder

All over the world millions of passengers and millions of tons of freight are carried by trains every day. This heavy traffic is generating wears and defects in the contact area between rail and train wheels.
Various defects appear even on the most recent and the best maintained railway networks.
The repairs of those defects through the replacement of damaged rails and two thermite welds are an expensive and not really advisable process.

TF France Sauron answer to this challenge is simple: automated welding. Our TRANSLAMATIC robotic welders ensure consistent high quality and traceability of welds while improving safety and comfort of operators.

The Automated Translamatic Robotic welder is designed to ensure consistent high quality and traceability of welds whilst, at the same time, eliminating the fume related toxic environment associated with conventional manual welding procedures



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TRANSLAMATIC 1252 is a programmable robotic arc-welding machine specifically designed for on-track reconditioning of manganese or carbon crossings by hardfacing the worn and/or damaged surface using a self-shielded flux-cored wire.
Automatic control allows, in one single programming, to weld 3 or 4 patterns of the crossing (frogs and nose) by successively alternating the weld beads on each pattern which very significantly limits the increase in temperature of the manganese crossing.




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