GEISMAR PSD3 Spike Drivers

  • The SPIKE DRIVER model PSD-3 is a self-contained, one man operated on track spike driver with a single hydraulic actuated hammerhead.
  • The PSD-3 is able to drive spikes in hard wood ties in approximately 5-6 seconds and in softwood ties even faster.
  • The machine is mounted on a four-wheel transverse trolley that permits working over both rails.
  • This machine is off-trackable by two men.
  • High output hydraulic machine
  • 5 seconds are enough to drive spikes into the hardest woods
  • Up to 600 spikes/hour
  • High performance driving head:
  • Impact power: 120 J/blow ? 950 blows/min
  • 4-wheel traversing trolley
  • Separates into 3 components for easy transport and off-tracking: frame & engine, driving head and trolley



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