GEISMAR Portable Sleeper Drilling Machine – DRIL HORNET – PTXL

  • The PTXL is extraordinarily lightweight, making sleepers easier to drill than ever before. Boasting a simple design you will find it easy to transport & to handle
  • Geismar puts your safety first as the PTXL comes fully equipped with a safety brake device to prevent injury in case the auger jams during operation
  • The PTXL is further designed for safety, offering you the ability to quickly release the auger to remove machine from track if necessary
Engine(s) Gas, electric or hydraulic
Drilling type Vertical or inclined
Maximum auger diameter 25 mm / 1 in.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 530 x 390 x 900 mm / 21 x 15 x 35 in. (without auger brake)
Mass Approx. 12-14 kg / 26-30 lbs



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