• The KGT-E is the perfect  modern solution for your combination lifting and catenary works
  • Using a specially designed boom, KGT-E is compatible with all kind of attachement including the most demanding of hydraulic power requirements
  • Fitted with a hydrostatic transmission as well as a optimized engine management system, the KGT-E benefits a simplified maintenance
  • You are assured of improved safety thanks to the automated lifting control system eliminating the risk of tilting
  • 129 kW, water cooled Diesel engine
  • Dual drive mode:
    - on road = hydrostatic transmission 4 wheel drive and steering , turning radius = 2.2 m
    - on rail = hydrostatic transmission with 4 railway driving wheels Ø630 mm
  • Dual pneumatic brake circuit
  • Up to 5.2 t lifting capacity on tip of jib with up to 7.8 m max. horizontal outreach
  • The extendable counterweight increases the lifting capacity by 10%
  • Hydraulic power: up to 110 kW on tip of jib
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Spacious and ergonomic cab for 2 persons
  • Fast and reliable hydraulic controls, with PLC monitoring
  • Speeds: up to 27 kmph on rail
    - 25 kmph on road
  • A complete range of attachments and jibs dedicated to track works is available
  • Electro-hydraulic rotation and height limiting devices (adjustable)
  • Quick on and off-tracking
  • Track gauge: 1435 mm, others on request
  • Compliance: NF F 58-003 and NF EN 15746
  • Weight: ± 23 t




Technical Specifications


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