Anti-Trespass Panels

Despite significant progress made by rail authorities across the globe in reducing the risks associated with level crossings, they remain the biggest source of danger on most rail networks.

Rosehill Rail’s Anti-Trespass Panels are a proven visual and physical deterrent to people attempting to access rail tracks or other prohibited areas, with pre and post implementation studies showing them to reduce the number of unauthorised people trackside by up to 78%.

  • Approved by Network Rail, granted acceptance to three variations of our unique anti-trespass panels.
  • Re-designed to provide a greater deterrent, minimise installation time and to provide a better end product that meets the requirements of railway administrations.
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber, these panels are truly environmentally friendly.
  • All panels are delivered complete with plastic ‘planks’ and fixing screws to enable immediate mobilisation.
  • Extra fixing kits are available (in addition to those automatically supplied with each panel). Each kit comprises of 2 ‘planks’ made from re-cycled plastic together with 8 fixing screws and washers.
  • The new style conical design is intended for use in the four foot (gauge), fitting comfortably into the webs of the rails. All the panels in the range are provided complete with plastic ‘planks’ and fixing screws to enable immediate mobilisation.
  • These will typically be installed on the outside of the four foot. The full width panel was designed to eliminate the need to cut down the double flange panel and reduce on-site cutting. We have not only reduced waste but made it possible to speed up installation times.
  • The full width single flange panel is ideal for all off-track applications including platform ends. It has been developed to be effective as part of a complete matrix at wider level crossings/wideways.

Brochure / Installation Guide


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