• Compact, self-propelled and versatile solution to automatically inspect and measure all track parameters.
  • The VIGILIS 400 will allow you to perform ultrasonic inspections up to 20 kph. The user-friendly on-board system will detect and mark rails if integrity defects are detected
  • The VIGILIS 400 ensures fast and accurate inspection and recording of track parameters up to a speed of 50 kph
  • The cab of the VIGILIS 400 can transport up to 4 people as well as one driver for in-situ measurement and analysis of results
Motorisation / Thermal power 4-cylinder engine: 85 HP (diesel)
Transmission Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive
Max. allowed load in flatbed/in towing Up to 2 t
Minimum curve radius 60 m (197 ft.)
Maximum slope 5 %
Max. speed on rails (with trailer) 50 kph (31 mph)
Maximal cant 130 mm (5 in.)
Number of transducers per rail Wheel probes: 11
Number of ultrasonic channels per rail Wheel probes: 14
US testing for rail head from 50 to 80 mm 2 mm (0.1 in.) sample rate at 10 kph (6 mph)
RailScan™ Lite Track Geometry Measurement System GPS coordinates every 304 mm (12 in.)
Sample rate: 250 mm (10 in.), Pitch: ± 1 mm (0.04 in.)
References Metro of Cairo Egypt with model Vigilis 400 MT US for Track Geometry Measurement and Ultrasonic Rail Inspection

Metro of Bangkok Red Line / Purple Line with model Vigilis 400 US for Ultrasonic Rail Inspection

Brochure 400 P


Brochure MT US


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