Rail ready motors for all equipment

Yanmar Diesels ready for retrofit to existing rail grinders.

  • Yanmar Diesel – MP12 Rail Grinder
  • Electric Motor – MP12 Rail Grinder
    • Kits come complete with modified motor, adapter plates, brackets, nuts and bolts required to fit to your old petrol powered rail grinder.
  • Yanmar’s new L-N Series of compact air cooled diesel engines exceed both power and
    environmental expectations.
  • Manual start and Electric start are available


  •  Compact, Direct Injection Technology
  •  Quick and Easy Start
  •  A little engine built to stand up to hard work
  •  Fast, effortless starts from a one-pull recoil starter
  •  The total FIE expertise only a complete diesel maker can provide
  •  Durability

Yanmar L48N


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