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Geismar’s high-output catenary renewal train “SRC” in action


Field Tour on March 8 on the site of the 1500 V catenary rapid suite of the Aubrais Beaugency (38 Km, 459 lattice type supports and yield of 6 supports on 4h30 / day).

Producing 4 times more than traditional means, reducing 4 times the capacity requirement than traditional regeneration are the promises of this industrial regeneration chain of the 1500 V Catenary Rapid Suite. An exceptional and unique feat of the SNCF RESEAU teams of the DIPR, the Infralog National and DGII as well as those of our industrial partners COLAS RAIL and TSO.

During each stage of the regeneration with the civil engineering train and the replacement train, we were able to see the effectiveness of the device and the great care taken to avoid any waste on the track and to minimize noise as much as possible. This extraordinary project requires the mobilization of 100 SNCF RESEAU agents between the rear base and the production work. The operators of the business group work in serenity, with a sequence of works punctuated by a movement every 60m of the workshop wagons.
The Rear Base, the real lung of the site for the maintenance of equipment and construction equipment, allows the preparation of the parts necessary for regeneration as well as the recovery of old poles and armaments that will be recycled as part of a local circular economy contract.

The industrial performance of this project is driven by the practice of Culture Network markers shared between the SNCF NETWORK pilots of the Chantier and the employees of the Companies. A team visual management formalizes the daily results that are reported to the Industrial Department of Regeneration Projects every morning during point 5 Minutes.