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Key Source Rail Managed installation of Baseplated Crossing System in Melbourne

This solid rubber RRAP using our Baseplated Crossing System has recently been installed in Melbourne. Managed through our Australian partner Key Source Rail, this is just one of many projects undertaken by the Victorian Government’s Southern Program Alliance (SPA).

The Baseplated System is the ideal solution for pedestrian, occupational, RRAPS and TAPS or light-use crossings as it can be installed quickly and easily without the need for special equipment, while individual panels can be rapidly removed for track inspections and maintenance. The cost-effective system can be made to suit narrow, standard or wide gauge and any rail or sleeper type.

Thanks to Ross Kiesey and Southern Program Alliance for the photos.

For more information, please contact Export Sales Manager Andrew Knight or UK Sales Manager Daniel Snell, or visit www.rosehillrail.com

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