Rail Trolley Insulated – LTI250ABI

• ONLY Model available for Standard 1,600mm Gauge track
• Safe Powerful Disc Braking
• Insulated bogies
• Solid Low Maintenance Pushrod Operation
• Robust Lightweight Aluminium Construction
• Modular For Ease Of Handling & Logistics
• Interchangeable Bogey & Deck Combinations
• Complies with: GM/RT 1310 BSEN 13977:2005(E)
European Machinery Directive (CE)


The Trakrat is a new and unique range of manually operated rail maintenance trolleys. 

  • With powerful disc brakes to ensure failsafe operation whilst giving the operator far greater control.
  • Smoother braking is achieved with far less brake handle effort.
  • The modular system allows for easier handling and logistics and makes maintenance and testing much simpler.
  • A range of deck formats can be matched to the universal, interchangeable wheel bogeys to provide the ideal trolley for the job.
  • Each Standard Unit contains: 1 x DECK, 2 x BOGIES, 1 x PUSH BAR & 1 x BRAKE HANDLE.
  • You may link a maximum of 2 Trakrat® Link-Trolleys but you may not link to any other make or model (See data sheet for more information).


Model No Deck Length (mm) Gauge Sizes Deck Width (mm) Deck Height from Rail Head WLL (kg) Bogey Weight (kg) Deck Weight (kg) Overall Tare Weight (kg)
LT1250ABI 750 Broad 1,800 330 1,250 19 36 76


Features -

  • Aluminium deck construction
  • Braking - Failsafe twin steel discs actuated by steel pushrods
  • 200mm Aluminium wheels
  • Electrical Visibility
  • Linkability
  • LED light pockets
  • Flood lighting mast brackets


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