Multipurpose Lightweight Transport Motor Trolley – Off Trackable

  • Ideal for track inspection/Emergency and interventions
  • Welded lightweight tubular steel frame
  • Aluminum wheels, 1,435 mm gauge (others on request)
  • 4-stroke petrol engine; 4 HP power
    with centrifugal clutch, disc brakes
  • ≈ 4 h autonomy (≈ 40 km)
  • Speed 16 kmph
  • Tools Tray and lighting pack available
  • Capacity up to 4 people
  • Mini BT: Trailer available with the Mini 4-4
  • Mini 4-2: 2 seater, Not Available

General requirements

The MINI 4-4 was designed to carry a group of up to four people. It operates in both directions and has a dual driver’s station for this purpose. It requires only minimal periodic maintenance to reduce downtime and very low operating costs.

The MINI 4-4 can be used to tow or push a MINI 1T trailer (optional) with a capacity of 1000 kg for the transport of materials and equipment.

1.2. Standard equipment

  • Full two-way operation with duplicate pipe controls at each end.
  • Digital speed and distance counter (kilometres or miles).
  • A dedicated gearbox with forward / neutral / reverse positions that allows you to select the direction of travel with a simple lever operation.
  • Automatic clutch.
  • Complete control by lever.
  • Automatic parking brake acting on all four wheels, foot operated.
  • Hydraulic service disc brake acting on all four wheels, operated by lever.
  • Removable control lever without tools for safety reasons.
  • Design for low maintenance needs with minimal procedures.
  • Cast aluminium wheels (not insulated – optionally insulated) mounted on steel axles over their entire length.
  • All fasteners are sealed and maintenance-free.
  • Four seats with lowered backrests, upholstered.
  • Red / white LED position lights with automatic selection (mounted at the front and rear of the vehicle).
  • Electrical control of the parking brake to prevent the operator from controlling the motor when the parking brake is applied.
  • 12 V LED spotlight (automatic selection according to direction of travel).
  • Alternator 12V 35 A.
  • Horn.
  • Two front and rear towing brackets including a quick electrical and hydraulic connection between vehicle and trailer for signalling and service braking.
  • Dry powder extinguisher (1 litre capacity).
  • • Retractable side handling bars.



Technical Specifications


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