GEISMAR BRM8 AC Modular Ballast Tamper for Track & Turnouts

  • The machine is designed to tamp track and turnouts using two state of the art tamping heads, each with adjustable stroke and position
  • The BRM8AC ensures you efficient tamping using 46Hz elliptical tamping vibration
  • The machine is designed to be compact for ease of transportation and your work operations
  • Output up to 360 sleepers / h
  • 2 independent tamping heads with adjustable depth and position control
  • Capable of tamping turnouts and twin sleepers
  • 8 tines per tamping head with elliptic 46 Hz vibrations ensure first class tamping
  • Modular configurations:
  • Cab: opened or closed (with or without air-conditioning)
  • Autonomous on/off-tracking: retractable tyred wheels or lifting/slewing system for loading on flat wagon
  • Wheel arrangement: axles or bogies, interchangeable depending upon gauge and curve radius
  • Second driving axle for steeper ramps

Technical Specifications


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