PTC-2 Portable Tie Changer for Standard Cross and Switch Ties

  • Portable Tie Changer for Standard Cross and Switch Ties
  • Adjustable work-head tilts approximately 40° vertically
  • Travel drive system
  • Lifting bale and turntable
  • Off-tracking assembly
  • Dual rail lift cylinders
  • Controls by manually activated hydraulic valves with operator standing next to machine
  • Fitted with four wheels permitting roll from tie to tie
  • Adjustable rail clamps, tilting tie clamp work-head and horizontal extraction boom permit ties to be tilted during insertion or extraction to clear adjacent track
  • Side set-off wheels provided. When used with raise/lower system, permits PTC-2 to be off-tracked by operator
  • Turntable permits rotation to work either side of track enabling optimum machine access to switch ties
  • 2 wheel self-propelled walking speed for movement of PTC-2 from tie to tie
  • 2 Plate cut tie guides
  • 3′ hydraulic hose kit with quick couplers at each end to connect to optional power pack
  • Compact and easy to transport



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