GEISMAR MP6 Profile Grinder for Rails and Turnouts


  • This grinder offers you perfect rail profile grinding, giving you up to 90° and 180° rotation about the rail head. The Metal Hornet MP6 is also designed to allow you to grind the running surfaces of turnouts
  • You are assured of additional safety by a centrifugal clutch that stops the grindstone when the engine is idling
  • The Metal Hornet MP6 is user friendly due to its special adjustable guiding arms, allowing for high quality finishing
    • Fine grinding of the rail head on main line
    • Pivoting and adjustable universal guiding rollers, to best suit the working area
    • The grindstone features controlled adjustment (various dimensions and fastening are available)
    • Light yet rigid steel frame
    • Safe operation: centrifugal clutch and protective casings are standard features
    • MP6 SG: grinding of switch points and frogs
    Engine(s) Gas or electric
    Total stroke of the grindstone 65 mm / 3 in.
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,065 x 525 x 685 mm / 42 x 21 x 27 in.
    Mass Approx. 52 kg / 115 lbs



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