Baseplated Crossing System

The Rosehill Baseplated crossing system’s solid rubber panels can be cut to fit around fishplates, check rails (single and double), and turnouts.

Panels can also be manufactured to fit around tight curves, making them especially useful for tramway applications.

The system allows for very fast installation, is ideal for average sized crossings and is available in various grades to accommodate track access, depots, agricultural, and pedestrian applications.

  • Panels are manufactured to 1.8 meters long and as they are made from Rubber they can be cut in half for shorter crossings.
  • For Sleeper centers at 600mm
  • Panels can be manufactured for all Gauge Types
  • Adapted for all Types of Rail, Clips and Sleepers
  • Complies with Anti-Skid requirements.
  • Panels are extremely quick to install and remove using a simple Baseplate which pulls the panels together
  • No Specific tools are required
  • Panels can be modified for cut-to-fit installations
  • Individual panels can be removed and placed without dislodging the neighbouring panel
  • All types of Edge Beams can be accommodated



installation and maintenance PDF


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